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What our customers are saying

Lisa has visited us to help train our little Schatzie.  In the 4 visits Lisa has worked miracles.  Her training methods really work and Schatzie has a great time while learning valuable command prompts, all in a fun relaxed way.  Lisa has admittedly trained my husband and I as well.  She is pleasant, on time, and very knowledgeable.  I recommend her to anywone with a furry person who needs some discipline

Francesca, Donny and Schatzie

“I can’t speak highly enough about our experience with Lisa! I have a whole new pup now, and that is really saying something because I adopted a rescue dog (Ollie) who was already 9 months old and had serious anxiety. Working for 5 sessions with Lisa was like being able to breathe again, after being underwater for the first 3 weeks of adopting Ollie. In just 5 one on one sessions, Lisa trained me as Ollie’s caretaker, so that now we have wonderful leash walking, better behavior with other dogs, and a much calmer happier pup overall- and pup guardian! Best of all, Lisa goes the extra mile to check in during the week on how you’re doing and what specific issues come up. I give her all the stars and all the thanks, for giving Ollie and me a “new leash on life”! ”

Cari and Ollie

“In a few sessions with Lisa, Tzu went from the puppy looking for a new home (just kidding) to the love of my life. It was a psychological lesson for me that made the difference. I graduated from the SIT, DOWN, STAY circus dog technique to teaching him a relationship of calm and understanding. ”

Martha and Tzu

“Lisa is an incredible dog trainer. Her patience and dedication far surpassed our expectations. My dog London was timid and nervous. It didn't take London long to feel comfortable and at ease with Lisa. She increased my confidence as a dog owner and helped to build London's self esteem as well. Thank you Lisa for all your compassion and hard work ”

Felice and London

“Our family adopted our first puppy this year. We never had a puppy. Lisa Bonk came highly recommended to us from a friend, so we decided to work with her. Lisa clearly loves and understands animals. Kobba our puppy loved her but also respected and listened to her. She went above and beyond in her training abilities but also helped us with guidance and true support. We would have made a lot of mistakes with Kobba if we didn’t have Lisa. Kobba is a wonderful puppy. As my son says “ Lisa trains humans how to treat dogs. ”

Liza and Kobba

“Lisa is a gem of a trainer. We got started with her when our pup, Mackie, was about four months old, and from the beginning, she focused on his confidence. She helped us understand his behavior and respond to it productively, deepening our bonds so he could explore the world with calm curiosity. Working through the basic commands to leash training and beyond, we've acquired a set of flexible strategies for approaching new situations. And the lessons are really fun for everyone—especially Mackie. Lisa’s rapport with him and her steady guidance have absolutely helped him blossom into the wonderful dog he is. ”

Mimi and Mackie

“I can’t recommend Grateful Pups enough! Lisa is fantastic with dogs (and humans), and our chihuahua/poodle mix is so excited to see her every session! She ADORES her trainer Lisa, who has a way of reinforcing her training so well that literally after a session our dog does whatever Lisa taught. We are so grateful to have Grateful Pups in our lives. ”

Alex and Lili

Lisa is a remarkable teacher. She provides structured, informative, and clear lessons. The 1/2 hour lessons are the perfect amount of time to hold my pups attention, help us practice the skills we are learning (I am getting trained, too, as Honey's human!), and enjoy the process! My favorite part of each week when we would have our session was watching Honey wait patiently (taught by Lisa!) for Lisa to exit her car. Honey would trot over to be pet by Lisa and the class would begin! So joyful and fun!

The weekly email recap of that weeks lesson, the room for questions during each lesson, and Lisa's accessibility during the week to support our training were hands down supportive and encouraging. I cannot say enough about Grateful Pups and Lisa. She made training so much fun. Thank you, Lisa!. ”

Elizabethanne and Honey

“I have a very sweet, but very energetic 60 pound puppy who was pulling a lot on the leash and I knew I needed some help walking and training him. I am so glad I met Lisa! After 6 weeks of working with Pepper twice a week he has made so much progress that it's a pleasure walking him again. Lisa is firm and clear, but also very gentle and it's clear that she really cares for Pepper. And he likes her too! He is always very excited to see her, and when she leaves he sits by the window to watch her drive away. Lisa communicates well about scheduling and progress, she has good advice, and is just really wonderful.. ”

Petra and Pepper

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