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Grateful Pups

Grateful ​families

Want a well mannered pup?

Tired of ...

- Jumping

- Nipping

- Begging

- Pulling

- Excessive Barking

- Having a dog with selective hearing?    

We can help address your dog's issues while building a relationship built on trust and respect

~Lisa Bonk

Pack Leader, Proprietor

Contact us today...

and enjoy peace of mind knowing your pup is getting both mental and physical exercise!

Now serving Woodstock, West Hurley, Boiceville, Shokan, Kingston, Bearsville, and Saugerties.  Ask about other surrounding locations 

Our Professionals Are:

Bonded a​nd insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas

Trustworthy and dependable

Active with local pet rescue efforts

Checked with ACUTRAC background screening
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